Why a re-map?

Categories: Chip Tuning

Why isn’t this done by the manufacturer?
There are several reasons for this.  Firstly, because of the many different fuel grades available around the world and the level of service that is given to a vehicle’s engine during its life.  Engine manufacturers needs to warrant engines in countries that have 50+ deg cel ambient air temps in summer, and where the engine doesn’t receive the necessary amount of oil change it should and owners literally drive in an abusive manner. We here in Australia are servicing engines as per the manufacture’s requirements and are usually more mechanically sympathetic towards our motor vehicles.  Thus, we can afford not to have our engines factory de-tuned from.
Secondly, engine manufactures love to brag about the latest model having “new and improved” power outputs ostensibly with the same engine components.  Even with a revised manifold or turbo they are mainly providing a higher level tune from the factory.  Apart from passenger vehicles this is true with manufacturers of marine outboard engines and large truck engines where you pay “X” amount of dollars for the higher spec engine.  All they have done is re-flashed the factory ECU with a higher tune.  This allows engine manufacturers to gain the most profit from a very expensive engineering investment.
What vehicles we cover?
Most vehicles manufactured after 1998 can benefit from this service. Please call to find out if your vehicle is covered.