What is the EGT Controller?

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What is our EGT Controller / Gauge and how can it help you?

EGT Remapping Controller REDAn EGT (Exhaust Gas Temp) Gauge is a monitor of how hot your engine really is.  EGTs are a much truer indication of engine heat then coolant temps because the EGTs are instant with zero lag.  This is not the case with coolant temperatures.  By the time your coolant temp gauge registers a over-temp condition, it is too late to do anything about it and damage to your piston and valves, to a certain degree, would have already occurred.   EGT gauges will allow you to instantly see a temp that is becoming problematic and allow you to do something about it.  (ie by either removing the load from the engine by changing down a gear and stop the engine from labouring, or reducing full power demands or stop the vehicle to see what may be occurring).
However, this is where our special EGT Controller stands out above the rest.   The is not only a EGT Gauge but an EGT Controller with additional features.  It has a dimmable red LED display that sits inside the cabin and being a digital gauge, it is super responsive and accurate … far faster than ANY analogue gauge could ever be.  It has a data logger PEAK HOLD function, an alarm lamp with a user programmable temp limit which when  reached will glow a bright blue LED lamp that warns of the pre-set limit being reached and further, and most importantly, will simple plug into our Performance Tuning Module if you ever consider upgrading the power of your diesel vehicle.
This super feature is used so that when the set limit is reached, the Controller will automatically de-tune the Performance Module Tune back to your manufacturer’s factory tune.  This stops the over-temp condition and any possible engine damage.  It will actually safe-guard your engine AS YOU DRIVE.  To explain it again, if the engine gets too hot, the EGT Controller will automatically “dump” the performance tune in our Diesel Performance Module in favour of the factory tune until temps stabilise.  (This over-temp situation can occur with ANY Performance Chip when towing heavy vans or boats, or driving up steep inclines since the way to get more power from your engine is to put in more fuel.  More fuel = more heat).  When the temps stabilise (ie at the top of the hill and you reduce throttle) the EGT Controller automatically re-instates the performance tune.
If one does not tow you may not need for the an EGT Controller.  HOWEVER, this form of engine protection is very cheap insurance, and comparable in price  Besides all this, the unit is EXTREMELY fast in its response time .  The EGT Gauge / Controller is highly recommended and a must, in our opinion, if you do any form of towing of caravans or ski boats etc or if you just wish to safe-gauge your engine against possible high EGTs.
Dealers will not have a problem with the EGT Gauge since you are only measuring engine temps so warranty will not be a problem.  This item just plugs into the Performance Module harness if and when you ever wish to purchase a Chip Tuning Performance Module.
The cost of this engine safety feature is $400, however when purchasing this item WITH our Performance Module, the price is reduced by $100 so that you are buying as a package deal.
To read more about Exhaust Gas Temps and why they are important considerations for diesel vehicle owners read the info and visit our online store to purchase our EGT Gauge / Controller