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  • Do you want extra power from the standing start?
  • Are you looking for less turbo lag?
  • Are you towing and want more power in the mid-range for hills and overtaking safely?
  • Or are you just cruising and looking for better fuel economy?
  • These are the questions you need to consider before choosing a performance chip.
As with all Common-Rail Performance Modules, Chip Tuning Diesel Performance Chips tune your factory ECU for a better fuel curve. However, where Chip Tuning differs is that their chip also alters the boost curve by plugging into the Map Sensor. This allows the turbo to build more boost, thus supplying a better, higher torque curve and more importantly, bring back into a normal range the Air Fuel Ratios and EGTs.  Without extra boost (air) your new Chip is just dumping in more fuel.  This leads to hot Exhaust Gas Temps and black smoke. Recently, a respected 4WD magazine carried out a detailed evaluation of the these Performance Module on a Landcruiser 200-Series twin-turbo diesel which is regularly used for towing and serious off-road work.  They reported that fuel economy improved compared to what was being achieved pre-chip and had much more power at the same time. The big advantage they noticed was a reduction in turbo lag.  That’s a great reason to buy the product by itself. Chip Tuning has one other very important feature not seen on any other Chip.  They produce an EGT module with visual LED in-cabin display with on-screen adjustments, that monitors the Exhaust Gas Temps of your engine and automatically decreases the level of tune only if temperatures get too high.  Then when temperatures stabilise, it reinstates the performance tune.  This is done in real-time with no user inputs required, so it actually safe-guards your engine – as you drive.  This feature sets Chip Tuning apart from other performance chips, and you’re not penalised on price either with their Performance Module is priced below their main competitor and other well-known brands. Another unique feature on offer is that, if you have a specific requirement, you can speak to the team at Chip Tuning directly, and they can email a customised tune to you, post purchase, FREE OF CHARGE.   This is apart from the standard 10 different tunes available on the Dominator 1 and 2 Modules, or the 100 different tunes available on the Dominator 3 Performance Module supplied with the Kit purchase. Starting at under $1100, this represents great value for money, especially when you factor in the customisable mapping, turbo tuning and other add-on features. It comes with a 5-year no fuss warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if the product does not performance as per the dyno graph listed on the site or discussed with the sales team.  In short, we stand behind the product 100%. For more details, call Chip Tuning today on (02) 8090 1881, or purchase online click this link: Chip Tuning are proudly an Australian owned company and a premium supplier of many original and performance parts including original Suction Control Valves, EGR Valves.  We are very proud to offer the Australia’s No 1 best selling Diesel Performance Module. The Dyno graph featured in the article shows the difference between our Chip and Diesel Power Modules.  This is representative of other chips sold in the Australian market today.  With Chip Tuning the ONLY Performance Chip sold in Australia today that is designed, made and tuned here here in Australia, its no wonder why we can obtain truly better tunes and performance gains. For more information on the Dominator Performance Module click here: