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Note: Disconnect The Negative Battery Terminal Before Starting This Procedure.

1. Remove under glove box trim panel.   ( 2 clips )

ECU Location 1

2. Unclip the glove box dampener arm. Gently squeeze the sides of the glove box to allow it to fully open, ease it toward the seat to remove.
3. Remove passenger side kick plate.  1 clip on firewall, slide forward out from under sill protector.
4. Unplug 3 of the front wiring looms that have been exposed from under the kick plate to gain access to the bottom of the ECU located up level with the glove box. No need to mark them as they are differing sizes & shapes.
ECU Location 2
ECU Location 3
ECU Location 4
5. The wiring looms that plug into the ECU ( 2 ) have white locks that pull down to release each loom. Pull down each loom and extend to firewall to keep access clear to ECU.
6. The ECU is held in place by 2 nuts & 1 bolt. 2 on the rear flange( door side ) are visible and accessible through the space created by the glove box removal. Loosen the lower nut & upper
bolt with  10mm spanner then use flexible drive 10mm socket to remove both. The nut on the firewall side flange can be reached by reaching up through the gap created by the wiring looms
come up from below with spanner and crack the nut. You can wind off nut by hand.
7. ECU can now be lowered and rotated through 90 degree’s to fit through gap created by unplugged looms.

NT Pajero ECU
NT Pajero ECU

Reverse to refit.  Make sure all looms are fully seated back in position before reconnecting the battery.
Get the last re-generation burn done and fit DPF delete pipe.


10mm socket, flexible drive, 10mm spanner and trim button remover (2 flat blade screwdrivers)
See PDF Doc with pics here:   REMOVING THE ECU ON A 09NT VRX PAJERO