70 Series Land Cruiser with Dominator 3 Performance Module

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90% Increase in Torque with Chip Tuning Dominator 3 Performance Module custom tuning of Injectors, Rail and Boost.

This NEW DOMINATOR 3 Performance Module adds some serious grunt to your
diesel whist keeping all safety parameters in check.
Other Chip brands offer only single tuning technology (either Rail or Injector tuning). The DOMINATOR 3 Performance Modules feature: Fuel Rail Tuning, Injector Tuning, Electronic Boost Control and an optional Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) interface.
The Dyno sheet below is from a Customer’s 70 Series (with 35″ tyres) that he had previously fitted with a Rapid Chip but was not happy. Apart from better power increase than what the Rapid Chip gave him, he also wanted smoother response and NO SMOKE.
With the Rapid Chip removed and his custom intercooler and 3″ exhaust left in place we proceeded to tune the car with the Dominator 3 Kit.  The customer’s goal was 210RWHP, which is no small feat.  We beat that at 20HP by coming up to 230RWHP.  Rear wheel torque, with a Toyota factory Tune (no Chip), custom intercooler and 3″ exhaust was 360NM With the Dominator 3 Tuning Module we took that up to 683NM.  That’s an increase of 90%.  Remember, this vehicle had 35″ tyres.  HP would have been over 250 with standard tyres.

70 Series DOM3

Blue lines shows the standard power figures. Red lines show the Dominator tuned power figures

86% increase in horsepower and 90% increase in torque with a custom tune.

(at the wheels)

70 Series Cruiser with DOM3 (1) 70 Series Cruiser with DOM3 (2)

Watch a couple of Toyota 70 Series videos with the DOM3 fitted here:

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