(Video) Testimonial Of Our Customer’s 70 Series Land Cruiser with DOM3 and 3” exhaust

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“Here is a video and testimonial regarding our customer’s 70 Series with Dominator 3 Performance Chip fitted”.

70 Series with Dominator 3 Performance Chip over Super Boggy Creek Crossing in 2nd Gear, 4 Low

70 Series with Dominator 3 Performance Chip getting un-stuck


Hi Rob, Out camel shooting last Saturday, we got bogged in this river going the other way on the trip in … we weren’t keen on digging it out again 0430 in the morning and about 400 km’s from bitumen and 650 km from help and only the one vehicle!! The power gains (with the Chip) are unbelievable and she will rev straight up to redline. Power delivery is smooth across the board and at nearly 3.5 tons in weight, she pulls 2500 RPM at 150 KMH 5th gear on the highway!!! Actually if anything most of the gain is in the top end in 3rd, 4th 5th. I get the revs up when climbing and the burnt clutch smell means a clutch upgrade is needed as well!!! J With a little more experimentation I will find the sweet spot for it, especially now that I can watch the EGT. Although the factory temp gauge indicates she is actually running cooler now anyway!! With the boggy creek crossing this is not a bad for 2nd gear 4 low run!!!!!

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