Buying a Chip Tuning Throttle Controller???

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Dear Customer,
When ordering your new Chip Tuning Throttle Controller we need to know what vehicle the Controller is to suit, but more importantly we often need to know what plug TYPE your vehicle has..
When buying to suit a Nissan or Toyota we also need to know which ACTUALLY THROTTLE PLUG TYPE your vehicle has.  This is because certain manufacturers use 2 (or more) different Throttle Pedal plug types, regardless of the year or place of manufacture!!  Therefore, to deliver the correct part for your vehicle we need your help.
Please take a minute to:
A) State which car your Throttle Controller is to suit, and
B) Which throttle plug is fitted to your vehicle.
The following pic will help you locate where the throttle plug is found and the chart below will help you identify the plug used on your vehicle.
Click on the pics to enlarge them for easier viewing.
Pedal Side View

 This next picture will allow you to identify your plug type.

Nissan plugs can be either plug No.  3, 5 or 12.  Toyota can be plug No 1 or 2.
E-Drive Throttle Controllers
No matter which plug type you have they are mostly all held in stock by Chip Tuning.
So once you have purchased your Throttle Controller please send an email to [email protected] and notify us of your selection.
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Many thanks