T3 Touareg adBlu Sensor Reset

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T3 Touareg adBlu Sensor reset
The adBlue Sensors need to be reset when adding/filling the solution otherwise a faulty reading will occur.
At the refill you either have to perform a reset of the adBlue level sensor with DIAG TOOLS (VAGCOM etc) or perform this rest procedure
Insert the key in the ignition and turn it β€œON” without applying the brakes.  IGN lights will illuminate however the engine will not start.
Wait 60 seconds.
The adBlue level sensor will then be reset.
If you notice your AdBlue level warning light appearing on the dash when recently filled with adBlue you will need to perform the above.
A well-functioning sensor and system will allow the fluid to last for approx. 17,000kms
This “reset” apparently also resets the engine ECU.  After reset the factory engine management ECU relearns various settings and when the engine is started it idled more slowly than previous until it has finished doing a primary relearn. Within 20 seconds the engine revs will step up to the normal 750 RPMs.
Page 380 of the T3 manual refers to this reset.
This reset procedure does not work with T2 Touareg
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