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Chip Tuning can now tune Toyota ECU!!
Thanks to our Team, we’ve been able to get our hands on a late model 3.0D4D Hilux tune file, our first look at a Toyota hex dump.
Great news is that we’ve been able to find and define DTC, EGR and DPF address’s and switches for Toyota’s NEC Micro ECUs.
The maps are more abundant than Nissan and Mitsu Denso maps in terms of fuel, boost and torque control which is great though also more work to get right.
 toyota remapping
We can now safely say that we can remove DPF and EGR for most Toyota vehicles and get good power and economy gains as well.  Anoterh world first.
We will be adding to the list but for now we can remap most Toyota Diesels including the wonderful 4.5ltr V8.
toyota remapping
toyota remapping now
At this stage the tune file is only accessible via Bench flash so the ECU needs to be removed which will take longer than normal flash tuning done via the OBD port.
NB: Most customers will not choose such a power tune rather choosing a good 50/50 tune for both power and economy increases.
Some dyno data below.
Toyota 2016 200 Series Cruiser