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VW TDIATTENTION: Volkswagen Audi Group VAG vehicle owners.

As is common knowledge now, the Volkswagen Audi Group have been caught doing what, I believe, many automotive groups are doing.  That is, falsifying the emission tests that the vehicle would ordinarily produce.
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What To Do With 480,000 Illegal CarsTo this end, 1st world countries will start a process to MANDATE the vehicle be de-tuned to a power level that allows the CLAIMED emission test to then be achieved.  In other words, the engine must be tuned for LESS torque for less emissions.  Owners will receive a letter from the dealer and possibly the relevant government motor vehicle agency to advise customers to attend their nearest VAG dealer to have the work completed on the vehicle.
Customers, of course, will be up in arms about this and will protest all to no avail as the department of motor transport in your country (RMS in NSW or MOT in the United Kingdom etc) will force owners to visit a dealer for the so called “UPGRADE”.
If the vehicle does not get corrected and the government authority notified of this “non attendance” the vehicle owner will be notified that if the vehicle does not attend a dealer service department within a set period the vehicle will have its  registration cancelled.  It is that easy and that serious!
The “fix” will be to add a small restrictor to the air intake and have flashed into the factory engine control module a new de-rated tune file.  The car will drive out the doors with less power than when it drove in less than 1 hour before.  The car is then called wonderfully and pleasantly “UPGRADED”.
See the FIX as described by VW on their YouTube channel below
To see if your vehicle is affected CLICK HERE
See the VW Recall notice HERE


When asked to remap a vehicles ECU we take the original tune file and tweak it to achieve a better performance and economy map.
Mazda ECU Reprogramming
If customers come to us BEFORE they go to the dealer, we can read the original tune from the factory ECU, Remap the file and wait for them to go to the dealer where the “UPGRADED” tune gets flashed in.  THEN, they come back to us so we can flash in the remapped power tune minus the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), the Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR systems within the ECU and with the restrictor removed.
The dealer gets to tell the “Powers That Be” that the vehicle has come in for the necessary mod, and the customer ends up with a BETTER, stronger tune.  😉  A win/win.  

We charge $1199 for this service.

We can offer 3 services for the VAG owner:

  1. Remap to the same torque that you had before the VW “fix”.
  2. Remap for 10% more torque than you had before the VW “fix”.
  3. Remap for 20 – 30%  more torque than you had before the VW “fix” with the DPF and EGR edited out of the tuning file.

All higher power tunes will achieve a better litres per km than before the mandated VW fix … guaranteed.
NB: Option 3 ADD $200
All files, including the standard, VAG modified detune and the Chip Tuning modified tune are backed up and made available to the owner on a USB memory stock so you have all the tunes for future use if needed.
2 Year Warranty
DPF Filter
And now for a laugh HILTER AND THE VW SCANDAL


Of course, it must be started that this remapping offered by Chip Tuning is for Off Road Use ONLY as it is technically only for vehicles that are not used on state roads.
dpf system management
blocked dpf warning light
VW Golf Particulate Filter Bypass Pipe