Cracked! DPF Removed and DPF OFF Re-programed on late model Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Categories: Chip Tuning, DPF Removal


Recently, we had a successful win removing the factory DPF and reprogramming the factory ECU to accept DPF Off on late model Fuso Canter.  Tuners and programmers around the world know how difficult these were to decode the ECU and remove the DPF however testing now shows we cracked the procedure … first in the world.  The vehicle picked up 60NM of torque with this mod alone … with no performance tune added.

At this time, we can only offer On-Bench DPF and tuning for this vehicle. (OBD file writing not available as yet)

Each ECU has its own original file modified.  This preserves the factory key coding and vehicle/ECU matching.

The Fuso Canter DPF tune file removal via “Tune Gate” is not an option at this stage. Since we have only just now cracked the Factory ECU code sequencing (by connecting directly to the board) it will take many months before the protocols are derived for OBD tuning.

Price for DPF Delete is $1599.00 as an introductory price.

For further enquiries please contact us via email: [email protected] or call 02 8090 1881 (+612 8090 1881 internationally)

If you are interested to send us your vehicles ECU for DPF OFF and performance tuning you will need also to download the 2x forms from this link below and send together WITH the ECU.

Fuso DPF 4Fuso DPF 3

Fuso DPF 2

Fuso DPF 1

Fuso Canter DPF2012 Fuso DPF

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