DPF Off & Performance Tuning Now Available On Subaru Forester

Categories: Chip Tuning, DPF Removal

Good News! removing DPF from your Subaru Forester is now available at Chip Tuning, not only that, we can also unleash the power of your Forester by retuning for power and economy. Call us 02 8090 1881 or email to [email protected] (Illegal in some States and Territories)
Here below we give you some information about Subaru Diesel Particulate Filter Operation, Regeneration and Diagnosis.
dpf system management
Download here: DPF REGEN PROCESS
Below is a complete and successful dpf work for Subaru Forester for one of our customers.
Subaru Forester
Subaru Boxer Diesel
Subaru Metre
Subaru DPF
Subaru DPF
Subaru DPF
Subaru DPF (2)
Subaru DPF (1)