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Having DPF Issues with your SH or SJ Forester Diesel or Outback Diesel? the Subaru Diesel EE20 engine is designed for maximum torque and fuel efficiency through its natural engine design, however they do suffer from DPF issues,as the design of the Boxer diesel unfortunately as a side effect, causes them to produce a slight higher percent of soot  then other 2.0L Diesel engines, as much as they don’t produce much black smoke out the exhaust when DPF is removed due to the deign of their DPF unit the the engine it has DPF issues later on in their life, generally anytime after the 5 year period, and to their EGR design also allows inherit problems with causing the inlet manifold to become clogged up with sludge cause by when exhaust soot mixes with the engine oil that is from the engine ventilation. thus causing air flow restriction and thus over fueling which can cause the DPF unit to block up to the point if starts to fail, another Negative effect of the DPF regeneration process is it causes oil dilution of diesel fuel in your oil hence the oil level rises, we can offer a solution for this, we can offer a remap solution to allow us to have the DPF unit removed and never have DPF lights come up again. whilst gaining better fuel economy and never having to worry about the engine oil diluting again, whilst gaining better throttle response and a smooth torque gain throughout the power range.  If you have had any DPF issues or example, Give us a call on 02 8090 1881 and one of our friendly staff will further assist in any information needed and help get you motoring problem free again.

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