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We have tuning solutions for all Kubota equipment including solutions for blocked DPF (Diesel Particular Filters), EGR and AdBlue Systems (aka SCR or DEF). Kubota emissions off tuning deletes are popular where owners want maximum reliability and economy. Engine power is often detuned where [...]

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With the JCB Agri range having the Delphi DCM3.3+ controller ECU, we can remove the SCR and EGR systems from the vehicle. Once the tuning is remapped all the emission component's will be disabled. We can also add a power upgrade to the vehicle at the same time and this will completely transform [...]

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Kenworth, Peterbilt, WesternStar, International, Freightliner With the International Kenworth T800 having the SID 902/903/904 ECU we have successfully removed the DPF, EGR and SCR systems from these Trucks. We can recalibrate all the emission component's to be disabled or limited and reprogramming [...]