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Why Choose Chip Tuning:

At Chip Tuning we pride ourselves as having an Australian based tuning team who specialise in quality engine tuning remaps and other performance options for our customers

In recent years the market has become overwhelmed with so called “tuners” using unsafe remap tunes from Europe and Asia.  This decline in quality means a decline in customer confidence and satisfaction.  This is what Chip Tuning is changing.
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Chip Tuning Power

We have invested into developing  cutting edge remap tuning and this means that you the customer ultimately benefit

We benefit by having customers recommend us to others.  Others spend thousands of dollars in marketing.  We spend thousands of dollars in performance tuning and have happy customers market our services for free.

What Makes us Different

Chip Tuning are the Specialist in DPF AD BLUE and other emission control equipment on diesel vehicles.

Our goal is to change the reputation of the motor industry firstly in Australia and then further afield. We’re honest, approachable, professional and experts in all things concerning DPF and ADBLUE. All vehicles including Audi, Mitsubishi, Mazda Mercedes, BMW, VW, Seat, Skoda and Toyota.
Being the only independent local Australia specialist with manufacturer diagnostic equipment compulsory for main Dealers we can continue to offer you a first class service at affordable prices.
Our servicing is approved for cars under the manufacturer’s warranty without affecting the warranty validity.



What vehicles do we remap and tune?

All vehicles manufactured from 1998 can benefit from our tuning experience. Please call or email us to find out more and how Chip Tuning can help you unleash the hidden power and economy within your engine.

Car Make Lists

All tunes come with a lifetime warranty.

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About Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning is now leading the way in Remap Engine Tuning in Australia and elsewhere.  We use the latest state of the art tuning techniques, software  and equipment to develop world leading safe, reliable, well conceived ECU engine tuning remap.
Do not be misled by inferior products in a box or generic untested off the shelf remap which are becoming all to common in the Remap engine tuning industry.
Trust us to deliver the highest quality engine tuning upgrade available!
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  • Our Chip Tuning team consists of Australia’s leading engine remap programming specialists to customise your own personal map, giving you an overall better choice in engine tuning.
  • Whether your requirement is highest torque possible or the best economy we will develop a custom remap that suites your needs
  • From commercial vehicles to super cars, taxis or daily driver, we tune all vehicles including and motor homes trucks, bikes, boats and jet skies
  • If it has an engine, we can tune it!  Our team delivers the best quality, warranted ECU remapping available!


We can do this at our workshop and even remotely using specialised file extraction equipment.  Speak to us about remapping your vehicle’s ECU for better power and economy.


DPF Delete Pipes come with a 24 months manufacturing warranty.
DPF Simulator and Power Gate come with a 12 warranty.

2 Year Warranty