Dominator 3 Performance Module with EGT Controller


Dominator 3 Performance Module with EGT Controller


No more Mr Nice Guy. Meet the DOMINATOR.

Nothing else comes close. See for yourself.


We have always had a full range of diesel performance technologies available. Our newest product includes a combination of Rail and Injector Performance Module called the DOMINATOR3 Series.

The DOMINATOR3 Series now provides customers with a very special type of Diesel Performance Tuning.

There are several ways to electronically increase power in modern diesels. Not all methods are equally efficient. There are pros and cons with each however with the DOMINATOR get the best of both worlds.

This offers increased performance without affecting reliability as benefits of both systems allow unique tunability for your vehicle.


Other Chip and Tune Box brands offer only single function technology (either Rail or Injector tuning).
The DOMINATOR3 range of Diesel Performance Modules feature: Fuel Rail signal retuning, Injector Timing Tuning, Electronic Boost Control and an optional Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) interface.

The DOMINATOR3 development and production is conducted in-house, as are all Chip Tuning Modules, with engineers and technical support staff based right here. This ensures you’re dealing with a company that not only has an excellent understanding and knowledge of diesel electronic systems and ECUs, but actually develops and manufactures these system. We are not just a reseller of imported overseas systems like every other brand of Chip sold in Australia.

This NEW DOMINATOR3 Performance Module adds some serious grunt to your diesel whist keeping all safety parameters in check.

There’s also tuning flexibility that you can change the tunes anywhere at any time. With the latest DOMINATOR3 Series range of Diesel Performance Modules you’re able to change the tune settings using a rotary tune selector on the Module itself. Simply rotating the selector you flash the new tune program into the ECU memory and make it ready for use. Thus, you select tunes without the need for a laptop. Laptop custom tuning is of course available if required.

The board has all the tunes saves in memory (which cannot be erased) so when you select a tune it is flashed into the ECU program for these new tune parameters to be used. Very easy. However, if someone wants a full custom tune this board still allows this. It is quite a capable ECU indeed.

The Module also can function with an EGT Controller that will de-tune the Performance Module if exhaust gas temperatures ever get too hot. A great engine safety feature.
One of the great features of the company is post-sale support. Should the need arise you’re able to contact us and have us remotely tune your chip and or send out a custom tune to suit your vehicle.

All you have to do is email us with your requests and we’ll come up with a specially calibrated tune for your vehicle. This gives great flexibility and tuning customisation not available with other brands and is provided FREE OF CHARGE. A great service offered by an excellent tuning team.

Other brands will tell you to use a lower, the tune option which lowers the WHOLE tune rather than giving the ability to tune out the undesirable part of the tune.

Whether you’re towing your camper trailer or caravan around Australia, or a tradie lugging heavy tools, or simple just want to to pull better up hills or make overtaking safer, the DOMINATOR3 Diesel Performance Module will make your car dominate the road. Together, your engine and the Dominator Tuning Module make a super team.

Retail Price:

$1599.00 Performance Module

Add $200.00 for V6 and V8 engines for additional bank of injector drivers

Price show for this item is for 4 cyl kit only.

Backed by a full 5 years warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee if the Diesel Chip is not as good as we say it is, you’re in safe hands.

Rest assured you will love the product and the performance only this tuning module can bring.

See a dyno run here on the 3.0 litre D4D Hilux:


NB: The tuning method used on our Performance Modules is not use an old antiquated resistor style tuning method as our competition do.  Simply turning a dial (and nothing else) is a dead give away  proving that other brands of Chips are using a variable resistor to tune your engine.  Turning a dial does not program a sophisticated computer, you are simply increasing or decreasing tune levels by adding more or less resistance to the signal.  This method is very old fashion and is not true digital tuning.  Our Diesel Performance Modules use true mapped fuel correction points that are programmed into the hardware so the CPU runs the new tune program.


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