EconoGas Kit (Water doping the combustion engine) with money back guarantee

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Water Doping an Internal Combustion Engine

VAPOUR DRAW SYSTEMS: ECONOKIT is a maintenance free system which improves fuel efficiency by steam cleaning carbon deposits from inside the engine, enhancing the combustion process.
The system introduces its own new clean water from the engine’s exhaust gas and only uses waste heat to operate.
A clean engine is more powerful, less polluting and more fuel efficient. It can be applied to any engine.
Vapour Draw
• is Australian made and ready for mass exporting.
• is in partnership with French Econokit, which is sold worldwide.
• is distributed by Chip Tuning Australia.
The Principal of Vapour Draw Econokit
1. The Exhaust Gas Collector redirects a small volume of exhaust gas into the canister.
2. The exhaust gas is cooled and cleaned. In the process, steam vapour is produced.
3. The vapour is heated by using waste heat from the engine.
4. The vapour is then drawn into the engine on demand as steam. Only steam is light enough to be passed, ensuring no water enters the engine.


An Australian Design : Assembled in Ballina, NSW and Redcliffe, QLD Australian sourced materials from Australian companies :
• Mackay Consolidated Industries ( Vic ): Vacuum hose used for motorcycle kits
• Holman Industries : Kits use Holman plastic barbs for diffusers.
• Jay Car : Canister component is created using 3D printing technology. Printers, software and filament all supplied by Jaycar.
• Geoff’s Auto Spares -Redcliffe, QLD : Supplies our steel heat tubing.
• Wholesome Design- Alstonville, NSW : is credited to converting our handmade canister to a 3D model and CAD drawing.
• Barlow’s of Ballina – supplies our alloy insert nuts.
• Day Family Racing – Credited for testing the motorcycle kit on the race track.

Steve Day -“this kit works, the proof is the clean spark plugs and soot free exhaust”
Our motorcycle kit (shown above) is specially designed for motorcycles in Asia. It has been street and race tested for many years.
Our device for vehicles (based on the motorcycle kit) has been tested and endorsed by many including Sylvain, French Tesla engineer. He is now a business partner.

Your internal combustion engine’s fuel combustion consists of a numerous chemical reactions, mostly liquid fuel and Oxygen from the air.

The EconoGas Kit system supplies a controlled amount of water vapour to the combustion chamber via the inlet manifold.   The System transforms humid air into a gaseous state to improve the combustion efficiency of the internal combustion engine.   The EconoGas System modifies the gas composition and increases the humidity of the engine’s induction air.  This provides the engine with additional fuel to burn however equally as powerful is the steam cleaning qualities that is the by-product of this System.    This cleans the engine, promotes a better, cleaner burn and affords better fuel economy.
EGR Systems and Intake manifolds remain cleaner, longer.  Furthermore, soot production from the  your engine is greatly reduced thus making Diesel Particulate Filters regenerate less and AdBlue Systems use less fluid which in turn, saves YOURS money.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dramatically reduces exhaust soot
  • With no engine modifications 
  • Works with a small amount of water
  • Compatible with all types of engines (Diesel, Gasoline, or LPG)
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Increases the engine torque
  • Safe and effective to use on DPF equipped vehicles
  • 30 day Money back guarantee if the product doesn’t do what we say it will


A small collector is fitted to the exhaust at the tail piece and creates humid air. This humid air is then passed through a reactor to heat it the gasses to 250°C.  This transforms the gas into polarized steam. the polarized steam is added to the air intake via a tiny diffuser.  The System has NO MOVING PARTS.

Inspired by engineers, this device improves fuel combustion and allows you to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of your engine.   A win for the environment and a win for your wallet.
Test shows this System will also allow the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and AdBlue Systems to require LESS regeneration or use of AdBlue, saving you even more $$$$.
All critical parts are made from high quality, non wearing materials.
Video of Econogas fitted to a Harley Davidson Drag Bike:   CLICK HERE:



Hi Chip Tuning
Another drive yesterday, everything seems to settle in well so far.
The system seems to become active very quickly even after the first startup of the day. The Rav 4’s engine is the fastest I ever got to reach it’s working temp and the reactor inlet and outlet lines are running in the engine bay on almost 1M of hot water hoses straight out of the head, this might help…or not.
I can say that now it has more torque, not by a huge margin but i can feel it by the way the Automatic transmission locks up and stays engaged longer.  I need less throttle for the same output. The lockup comes in at 60km/h or above depending on TPS and at 60/65 it was disengaging very easily even at moderate or low throttle inputs.  It now stays engaged even on average grades, it seems to make more of a difference in low and mid range rather than at the high end.   I use to have the VVTI kicking in at 3500rpm or above for this little, kick in the ass feel, it now is closer to 3000rpm.
Again it did not make it a rocket, but I do feel a change in the car’s behavior.
Before fitting the EconoGas Kit he exhausts were smelly especially on starts up and during the rise of the engine temp.  After the kit got installed it seems to get better as well.
Will keep you posted


Hi Chip Tuning

I’ve always been one not to believe a lot of the promises that companies make with things like this,  but with a money back guarantee you can’t say no.

As far as power increase in my vehicle I’d nearly say it’s not expensive enough

The engine seems to be a lot smoother and doesn’t blow any smoke now.

Going up the Gateway  bridge ( Brisbane) in 5th gear I was able to accelerate and pick up speed easily. Normally I’d have to change down to 4th just to maintain speed.

Kind Regards

Craig Wallis

Hi again,
Been quite busy with my new job, always out traveling but not with my cars.
So far no issues on both cars but planning for the 100 Series to move the reactor inside the exhaust pipe at some point (for  more heat to beat the minus temps we see here in Europe), as well as doing adding your threaded insert mod between the cat and first muffler (to by pass the clipped fitting).
No accurate fuel consumption readings as they just make local runs, how ever it seems like the Rav 4 would have 5 to 10% better economy, the 100 Series seems to be de-carboning a bit, maybe 5% better economy, probably better on long runs.
Just dramatically missing time at the moment (so I hope to have more data soon).

Sylvain Chevineau

Steven Day from Day Family Racing / Harley Davidson Drag Racing just had a Econokit installed on his Nissan Patrol. When he’s not impressing the biking community with the performance from his Harley race bike he’s ensuring his diesel turbo Patrol, that’s done over 300 000 km is up for the job to get his team and Bike to the track. Steven knows his vehicle performance, he’s done a lot of miles in it. So when he says it’s running better that’s a fact. has more power.
He learnt that Econokit Gas works by producing new water from his engine’s exhaust gas to convert to steam. The steam simply cleans his engine, freeing it from built up carbon deposits. Econokit is a fit and forget System. It doesn’t require maintenance or replenishing. Econokit Gas employs a fail-safe system to communicate with the engine to ensure the correct amount of steam is delivered at the correct time. A clean engine is a efficient engine, saving you money …  just ask Steven or any of our customers.