Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, 3.2L and 2.2L – Intercooler Hose Upgrade

HDi Intercooler 3” Silicon hose Upgrade Kit with wire inserts reinforcement and oil resistant lining to prevent deterioration.

Designed to handle High Boost Applications whilst fitting onto the factory hose diameters and positions 

This Kits is available for both 2.2L and 3.2L Ford Ranger and BT50 Vehicles 

Hose layout Hose layout


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the HDi Silicon Intercooler Hose Upgrade is a must for all Ranger BT50 2.2L and 3.2L owners, as it is known that the factory hoses have been known to split and has cause major engine issues EG engine over heating and reduced performance and fuel economy, the performance industry chooses  to use silicon for intercooler hoses because its stronger more durable and flexible to allow for constant expansion and contraction from constant changes of boost when driving. whilst it uses woven material to keep its strength and rigidity, and all HDi intercooler hoses are lined with a oil Proof lining to prevent oil weeping through the silicon.

Our Intercooler hot side pipe also runs a thicker silicon pipe than other kits which allows the turbo to spool up faster for reduced turbo lag and greater throttle response.  We achieve this faster turbo spool up not by REDUCING the hose diameter as done by the competition but by strengthening the pipe so it does not balloon and cause a larger internal volume … a MUCH better way to go as you want QUICKER AIR FLOW … NOT LESS!!!

The two replacement hoses that comes in this Kit are a replacement of the factory hoses and are the same size, so they will connect up to your factory fittings, the two hoses are the primary hoses that are known to split or fail, and is not necessary to replace the small hose join between the turbo and the Factory Plastic intercooler joiner as that hose rarely fails and makes installation Quicker and easier,

This Kit Contains:

-1x Hot side from factory intake Pipe to intercooler

-1x Cold side from intercooler to inlet manifold

-4x heavy duty hi grade Stainless Steel Hose Clamps


2012 -2015 FORD RANGER /BT50 – 3.2L

2012 -2015 FORD RANGER /BT50 – 2.2L

2016 -Current FORD RANGER /BT50 – 3.2L

2016 -Current FORD RANGER /BT50 – 2.2L

NOTE:, Please specify your vehicle engine size when placing order online as the Kits between 2.2L and 3.2L are different!


If you are also looking at upgrading your intercooler as well at the same time we also have the HDi GT2 intercooler kit:  The reduced inlet restriction and inlet temperature provides higher density of oxygen for better combustion with the same amount of fuel. Therefore, increase mileage!  See intercooler kit here:

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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