Grease Ninja – 428/520 OR 525/530

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Grease Ninja


Grease Ninja
Save money, time, and mess with the Grease Ninja Drive Chain Lubricator. This handy little tool makes it easy to apply lube exactly where you need it. The days of getting lube all over the swing arm, exhaust pipe, tires, and ground are over! Grease Ninja Drive Chain Lubricator allows for precise application, which means you waste less.
Chain will have the chain type numbers are generally found on the side of the chain link, if there is no chain type you can measure the chain size.
Refer to Link below on how to measure your chain size:

Chain Pitch Width Roller Diameter
415 12.70mm 4.88mm 7.75mm
420 12.70mm 6.35mm 7.75mm
428 12.70mm 7.75mm 8.51mm
520 15.88mm 6.35mm 10.16mm
525 15.88mm 7.85mm 10.16mm
530 15.88mm 9.53mm 10.16mm
532 15.88mm 9.53mm 11.10mm
630 19.05mm 9.53mm 11.91mm
632 19.05mm 9.66mm 12.68mm
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