Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit -Ford PX Ranger/Mazda BT50 3.2L


  • The HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50  Automatic transmission cooler (ATC) Kit is an easy install kit that requires no major modification to your vehicle to install, HDi has developed the ‘ATC’ Kit to replace the factory standard coolant to oil factory unit to a more efficient air to oil cooler method, one of the benefits of converting from the water to oil method that the trans oil can heat up the radiator, thus creating more thermal load on the engine cooling system  another more valid reason why coolant to oil can be an issues is if one of the veins between the coolant and the trans oil fatigues and creates a small hole, the coolant will bleed into the trans oil or if the trans oil is higher pressure, can bleed into the coolant, causing issues to both trans operation and cooling system operation and if not picked up early enough can cause major engine or transmission damage, another reason Air to oil cooling is more beneficial is it allows the Transmission oil to be cooled much more efficiently at the front of the vehicle where the best air flow is attained.  the ‘ATC’ Kit uses a design registered adaptor makes it easy to fit and makes a perfect integration with the standard OEM Automatic Transmission cooler and is brought to the front of the vehicle via Heavy Duty Braided ATF rated lines and fitted together using High Quality AN screw fittings.

    the HDi Ford Ranger/.Mazda BT50 ‘ATC’ kit is designed for better temperature maintenance of the Automatic Transmission fluid, especially under heavy towing or under a heavy load, tests have shown 10-15 Degrees C lower in peak temperature as well as more solid in-gear torque transfer.

    The cooler the Transmission oil temperatures, the longer lasting of the transmission’s life.  It is a must for those that tow heavy loads like, tradesmen or those with caravans or heavy trailers.



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  • The HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 GT2 benefit as below:
    Improved low end throttle response
    Minimal pressure drop despite large intercooler sizing (thanks to HDi GT2 technology)
    Increased torque range at low end
     Reduction of both inlet temperatures
    Less engine running temperatures
    Increased performance
    Better reliability and consistency
    Increase power throughout entire RPM range (not only focusing on the PEAK)
    Improve fuel efficiency*
     Extend transmission
     Improve fuel efficiency by reducing transmission slippage due to over heating
     Fully integrated with standard transmission cooler system
     Perfect for boosted, tuned or modified engines
     Easy to install life
     Great value for money in a ready to go kit.
     Solid engine torque transfer
     Reduced torque converter slip due to overheating
    The special design allowing enough area for aftermarket 4wd winch to be installed
    It also allows good air flow and will not restrict Flow to the to the intercooler and radiator!

Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 complete Automatic Transmission cooling kit has the following benefits:

The HDi Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 complete Automatic transmission cooling kit comes with all needed components for completing installation. Including a

  • HDi high quality oil cooler
  • High pressure hydraulic braded hose
  •  professional fittings for the toughest  working condition.
  • Stainless steel stainless steel screws and Brackets and mounting plates for long lasting durability

If you are also looking at upgrading your intercooler as well at the same time we also have the HDi GT2 intercooler kit:  The reduced inlet restriction and inlet temperature provides higher density of oxygen for better combustion with the same amount of fuel. Therefore, increase mileage!  See intercooler kit here:

It is absolutely MUST Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 if planning on putting the transmission to work with Performance or Towing!

Stock for both the Transmission Oil Cooler and the intercooler are available now for immediate delivery.

See also Video.

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