Hilux 2.8L Intercooler

TOYOTA Hilux 2.8L GUN26 – 2015 to Current- Intercooler Upgrade Kit


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2.8L Hilux Intercooler Upgrade Kit – 2015 to Current Toyota Hilux 2.8L GUN26

HDi has developed new high efficient bolt on GT2 520 intercooler kit  for Toyota Hilux GUN26R 2.8L. this intercooler Kit is designed for the 1GD-FTV Engines, It is the most simple and most effective way to release your potential power.

It is also Dyno proven the HDi GT2 technology reduce turbo lag as well as reduce the in let restriction to the engine it dramatically increase in mid range and throttle response.

This is the Best and the simplest upgrade to improve you throttles response and mid-range torque over the OEM Top mounted intercooler design. Dyno proven guarantee increase in power and torque! Specifically designed for Hilux 2.8L GEN 1 and GEN2, This NEW HDi GT2 520 Intercooler kit comes with Oil resistant 5 layers reinforcement high temperature silicone hoses with wire insert reinforcing which replaces the factory hose

NOTE FOR NEWER 150KW HILUX MODELS!!!…This Kit is Designed to also Suit the new 150KW Hilux models come with the new quick release intercooler hoses , This Kit also Includes adapters to allow fitment to the latest Generation Hilux Quick release Clip lock intercooler pipes,

With our upgraded free flowing intercooler we allow the engine to breath cooler air thus opening the door for it  produce more power safely.
Cold air induction is critical to your engine longevity, especially when remapping the ECU to achieve more power (with or without DPF removal mods).

The core and piping are all Clip Lock Clamps for easy connection and Intercooler Core and Piping are Hand TIG welded for maximum durability.

The heavy duty intercooler core uses tube and fin design has 100% more surface area and flows 200% more flow than the OEM item.

Our Intercooler hot side pipe also runs a thicker silicon pipe than other kits which allows the turbo to spool up faster for reduced turbo lag and greater throttle response.  We achieve this faster turbo spool up not by REDUCING the hose diameter as done by the competition but by strengthening the pipe so it does not balloon and cause a larger internal volume … a MUCH better way to go as you want QUICKER AIR FLOW … NOT LESS!!!

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