Dmax Colorado Rodeo 3.0 (2007-Present) EGR OFF Module

Isuzu Dmax EGR OFF Module


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The EGR OFF Module electronically switches off the EGR motor valve via the factory ECU.
The Module is a complete plug and play unit and will never bring up any engine check lights … guaranteed.
No tuning or calibration required nor is there any need for a EGR Blanking Plate or drilling of the Throttle Plate and the EGR valve will still open to allow the turbo lose the excess boost pressure so to act as a Blow Off Valve, as per the factory spec.
Our Modules plug straight into the MAF Sensor near the air box however OUR EGR Modules do not affect Mass Air Flow and thus does not affect fuel control or fuel injection quality whatsoever.
The Module is fully plug and play and will never bring up any engine check lights … guaranteed.
Fitting time: 30 seconds.

NOTE: For 2.8ltr Colorados refer to the product in the link below:

(For colorado 2.8L 2012 to 2014 vacuum operated EGR we have another module available refer to link below:)

The product listed here will not work on the 2.8ltr vacuum operated EGR type Colorado.

It will require another special version that we have developed. 

How to tell which EGR Style is fitted to your vehicle?  Easy.

If your vehicle has a Purple MAF Sensor Plug and Vacuum EGR Solenoid (thin vacuum tube going to the EGR) it will need the other version. 

For those with a Purple MAF Sensor Plug and you are unsure, please send us an email of your engine bay with engine cover removed and we will advise.  Contact us on: sales AT (AT = @)

At Checkout you will be asked what model your vehicle is.   We will program one to suit your vehicle.


QUESTION: Can you please shed some light for me as to how this unit still allows the EGR to act as a blow off valve if the EGR motor is shut down via your unit. Does this mean the blow off is still going via the inlet manifold?
ANSWER: The signal for the opening of the valve on throttle release is still active.
 Blow off (or turbo pressure relief) goes from the inlet manifold OUT through the EGR pipe and into the exhaust.
 Its clean air from the turbo.
QUESTION: I get some soot occasionally visible at night in the lights of cars behind me going uphills and have been told this is because the EGR is not shutting quick enough.  Is this correct in your opinion.
ANSWER: Can be but it can also be Particulate Matter which is what the DPF was created for.
QUESTION: Does your suggested unit eliminate exhaust gases going back into the inlet manifold totally?
QUESTION:  Does the EGR Module affect fuel maps in any way?
ANSWER: No.  Fuel Maps are left alone.


Hi Chip Tuning,
I have fitted module.  Most pleased! Turbo lag reduced and modest performance gain [seat of pants dyno], all as stated in the product description.
Will get the DPF delete pipe when funds allow.
Cheers Nick



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