DENSO 294200-0690 Suction Control Valve (SCV) Suits Toyota Landcruiser 4.5L 1VD-FTV VDJ70 & VDJ200 Series


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Suction Control Valve Suits: Toyota Landcruiser 4.5L 1VD-FTV 70 & 200 Series Common Rail.  Part Number: 294200-0690

All common rail engines use a suction control valve. The Suction Control Valve (SCV) is responsible for controlling fuel pressure in common rail engines.

They move left and right via a solenoid with each small incremental variation of the throttle and other fueling demands.  The Suction Control Valve uses extremely fine tolerances within their moving parts. The Suction Control Valve is quickly affected by the dirt and or contaminated fuel.

When the suction control valve is contaminated or worn they will cause the common rail pump to deliver an inconsistent fuel pressure to what is being demanded by the factory ECU.  When the fuel pressure at the injectors jumps around by many thousand of PSI the vehicle driver will experience surging as the ECU tries (and fails) to find the correct operating fuel pressure.

This is seen diagnostically when viewed via live data. If the problem of varying pressure moves past a pre set limit of that which the manufacture states should be the normal range for a certain RPM the vehicle will go into limp mode.  You can reset the normal operating condition by stopping and re-starting the engine.  The problem will re-appear in a short while however.

Fitting a Diesel Performance Module (Chip) will always exacerbate the problem.  Many people incorrectly blame the Chip for this as the problem may be just under the surface without the Chip fitted. It is at this time that most people head to their dealer for a fix and are given a large bill for the replacement of the Suction Control Valve if it is not covered under warranty.

Q:  Can I fit it myself?

A:  Yes the SCV is an easy fit.  Just keep everything CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.

Please don’t fit the Suction Control Valve in a windy, dusty environment as dust will be in the air and will contaminate the SCV.  Put the vehicle in a garage and close the doors and windows to keep air flow to a minimum.

All GOOD mechanics will have the necessary tool to do the Relearn calibration however it is not 100% necessary to do as the calibration will still be programmed from the old SCV.

NB: Regardless if you know the Part Number or not, we always keep these in stock so when ordering, just note the car details when requested at check out.