Hi Spec Fuel Pressure Limiter

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Chip Tuning can provide a Hi Spec Fuel Limiter Mods for most common rail diesel vehicles.
This new Fuel Limiter will allow you to run higher power settings on your Performance Module to defeat the standard ceiling set by the manufacturers which stops you achieving better power.
The Fuel Limiter also stops some vehicles seeing the “Large Fuel Leak” error that occurs on some vehicles such as Nissan, Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi. (Nissan CRD are notorious for issues with this factory part leaking.  This causes the Common Rail Pump to work harder to keep up the pressure to the injectors as it has to also supply enough pressure to overcome the leaking fuel limiter.
Apart from allowing the fuel pump to work less, the Chip Tuning Hi Spec Fuel Pressure Limiter will also provide a means of increasing the vehicle’s tune level that your Performance Module (any brand) can provide without throwing a Check Engine Light.
This part alone does not in itself provide a performance increase unless your Fuel Limiter is leaking back to the tank and where possibly your vehicle is blowing black smoke and your dealer is unsure what the problem is.
The part will stop all fuel from ever leaking/returning back to the tank and causing the Check Engine Light and Limp Home Modes.

The part shown suits DENSO fuel Systems.  Common Rail Nissan Patrols and some other vehicles will use Bosch type, which we also have in stock.  See picture of the Bosch style limiter in the product galley of this page

When ordering please list your vehicle type on the checkout page so the right part can be provided.   Full instructions provided here:  
Vehicles such as 3L Patrol or Ford Ranger / Mazda BT 50 which use the Bosch fuel system will use the shorter type shown in the picture gallery.  By adding your vehicle details we will supply the correct part.

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